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Re: Satisfying need for speed (was: Northwest QCUSA chapter)

Linus Toy writes in response to Bob D'Amato:
> >There really arent a whole lot of alternatives though for the quattrophile.
> join other car clubs--the bmw clubs (aca or cca) seem receptive to other
> marques, and at least in Puget Sound, they're quite track-active..
... definitely true here in CA as well.  I've been working with folks 
from the Shelby Club, and am now trying to get info on a group called 
Green Flag, an offshoot of the Shelby club that sets up track events for 
all marques.  I haven't gotten enough info to know if it is a California-
only deal, but when I get more I'll post it.

BTW it is my understanding that the PCA's (Porsche) insurance policy 
limits them to only using P-cars ... is that true?

Steve Buchholz