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Re: I finally got a quattro (well, sort of...) - Part 2

Scott wrote:
>to get the fan to correspond with the lower thermostat you need to get a
>part) fan thermostat that is also lower, all you did with the swap was to
>make the coolant flow to the radiator sooner, but the fan switch thermo is
>still at the higher temp.......

Now wait a minute!  I'm confused. :-( 
By putting in a cooler 'stat, I've lowered the temperature of the water
flowing through the engine and radiator.  Assuming everything else is OK, the
water temp should be 180 degrees, plus or minus a few, throughout the system
(excepting localized spots around the combustion chambers and exhaust ports.)
 My higher fan thermostat should therefore never come on because the water
temperature doesn't get high enough.  How does getting a cooler thermostat
switch solve the problem of the fan running?


PS-The temperature here in the NW has been cool (50-60 deg.) and rainy, so
the car isn't seeing rough conditions, if that was a concern.