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Re: Cool man

Yes, and understand why the fan is even there........  Because at some point
the open thermostat is not enough flow to keep the coolant from
overheating.......  So the fan turns on to cool it down to the temp of the
fan thermo, not the coolant thermostat level, which if it is higher, will
negate the advantages of a lower thermostat......  Now, you have helped the
cooling at "efficient speed" like on the open road, where there is enough air
flow thru  the radiator to keep the coolant temp low....  But in town or slow
traffic you really only open the thermostat sooner, but that doesn't mean you
will necessarily be cooler, unless the fan runs too......  Remember, putting
a cooler thermo and a cooler fan thermo in your car will make the fan operate
more not less.....