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Fiche Reader & CD Changer

> Well, Now I have my audi parts microfice and no way to read it.  Does
> anyone know of a place that sells surplus office equippment and that would
> sell a fiche reader cheap?  Thanks for any advice.
>                                                 Keith Choate

Keith - check your nearest college or university library.  Many have 
readers - some readers can make photocopies of pages as you view (for 
cents per page) - and some are surplusing readers as they move to new 
eauipment.  You can at least find a viewer this way, and maybe pick 
one up at a surplus sale.

Rich McIntyre said:
> (Re - add-on CD changer harness)
> Any info would be appreciated.  I really don't want to install an RF
> modulator system.

Rich, if your concern is sound response, be aware that your existing 
radio probably will not render the higher frequencies that CD is 
capable of generating.  FM cuts off about 15 khz, and Cd goes much 
higher - but if your stereo is not designed for CD, it likely has no 
capability to reproduce the higher-end frequencies anyway.  Tape has 
even less frequency range on the high end, so there's no reason for 
the manufacturer (Bose or whomever) to make the unit capable of 
reporducing inputs which go aboive 15 khz.  Of course, you may 
just not like the idea of FM modulation, and that's an individual 

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