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Wheels needed

I know somebody out there has a couple of stock Audi wheels in there garage
or behind the shed. I'll gladly relieve you of them! Needed for 87 5k
TQ-15",5 lug.

Around 1985, I placed custom wheels on my 1st 5K. A co-worker with an older
Audi and little income, needed to replace a bent one or two-so I gave him my
originals,free. Now many years later I find myself in the same possition he
was in-I need to replace at least 2 wheels on my 87Q with 190,000 great
miles, but funds are real tight-business ain't what it was in the 80s.

I'll pick up anywhere in NY, NJ, CT, MASS, east PA area. Other areas, if your
willing to go to the trouble of shipping, I'll pay.

Mike Aiello at myke456@aol.com