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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated

   > How do the Repco's compare to the Pagids, and how much 
   >difference do the SS/teflon lines make?
   The SS/teflon lines just prevent hose flex, and increase pedal feel.

I once asked one of the local shops (one of the two that I actually
trust as competent [they even have their own dyno, but its only for
those silly 2WD riffraff like Porsches], and they strongly recommended
against SS/Teflon for "street" cars. Damn if I can remember their
reasoning ("in our experience, we've found...") though. I kinda think
it was something like they were too brittle and didn't stand up to
long-term street conditions (like -20F winters...), although they were
great on the track, and did improve "feel".

Just a random piece of almost-folklore.