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power lost after serviced

	Hi ,now I have some serious problems after 30000 Km. serviced
As my car install new chips last year ,when I floor pedal from stand still
,wait 2 seconds and then your back is pushed to the seat firmly ,and the
gearbox change into 2nd at 6200 rpm. or if you press the pedal half of 
the way to the floor,wait 2 seconds also,and you back is pushed firmly to
the seat again,but gearbox change to 2nd at slower rpm. than it does in 
full throttle.
	But after my car go service 30000 Km. It is very slow respond,
floor the pedal and the car hesitate 3 seconds ,then no thrust of the old
day ,just accelerate to 5000 rpm ,and change to second. For th half throttle
at very low speed ,no thrust of the old day ,also.
	Is it possible that someone at the dealer took out my chips and offer
it to other S4,S6 owner with special price,and then replaced my car with 
standard chips from that car. (S6 in Thailand is detune to 218 Hp. to avoid
220 hp. TAX).
	Or they replace my K&N with standard filter..
			thanks for read this long e-mail