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QCUSA: Northwest Region QCUSA Meeting

>Dont want to discourage you or anything... but...  All they requre of you 
>is $$$.. Iv found them to be a bunch of people who dont want to bring 
>their cars past 3000 rpm, and dont want to scratch their paint.  Seeing 
>them on the track reminds me of a parade when I was a kid. Im ssure Ill 
>get flamed here...!  They would be more at home at the ehcsroP club with 
>bif and skippy.
>There really arent a whole lot of alternatives though for the quattrophile.



You're a nice guy, right? so I'll turn the flamethrower off. Can't speak for 
QCUSA, I haven't done one of their schools but I do PCA driver's Ed in the 
NorthEast.  No Bif/Skippy types here, cars typically run at 6000 rpm, close to
red-line, speeds up to 150 on straights, drifting thru' the turns etc.  In the
upper run groups, lots of PCA Club racers honing their skills.  Come on out to
a PCA event or Club Race at Lime Rock or NHIS, that's your neck 'o the woods. 
 At Watkin's Glen last weekend, I saw a 911 GT2 (factory racecar), only cost 
about $175k, somebody's weekend toy; also an IMSA Porsche (Indy Lights?, 
mini-962) plus the usual Carrera RS, RSR etc.  The concours guys are the ones 
with the garage queens - they're a different breed.  Cars are meant to be 

Steve Bucholz: I suspect you're right, PCA National does not allow non P-cars 
due to insurance liability tho' Metro NY region allows the Ferrari club to do 
joint events.  At Bridgehampton in LI, you'll see 911s passing F40s, but those
guys can't drive. Ferrari Challenge cars also come out to play and those guys 
can drive.

Steve Jagernauth	               	'87 951 Pearl Black 
AT&T BCS			  	'87 Audi 5K CST 
Bridgewater, NJ 			'88 Audi 5Ks