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RE: fuel consumption

Jerry Fields writes:
     My '87 5K CST averages 25.5 mpg highway @ 65 - 70 mph cruising, and 
     about 24.5 mpg commuting, about half of which is 50-55 mph, rest in 
     town (65 miles round trip). Air is on some of the time in each case, 
     doesn't seem to make a big difference to mileage. Its dead stock, and 
     runs on some less than stellar Firestone tires (on when I got it) that 
     I can't afford to replace yet.

 My '87 5K CST gets about 17mpg on a good week.  Exclusively in-town
commuting.  Much better on the infrequent road trips.   

 This is with pretty conservative driving intented to maximize mpg.  Should
I expect better?  Where should I look for improvement?  

Ted Blank