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Help List?

I decided to take the ball and run with it if some of you guys are 
willing.  Some time ago we talked about having a list of members who 
would be willing to help fellow Qlisters in their time of need while on 
the road.

I think I conjured up a way to add it to our home page (probably would be 
a pick off the main page).  If anyone has suggestions on how they would 
like to see it be done, please email me. In the meantime, if anyone wants 
to be on the list, please email me their vitals...home work numbers and 
addresses, maybe the type of car just for reference.. blah blah blah.

Keep in mind though, this information will be on public display, so if 
you dont want something listed, dont put it in! Thanks all, if response 
is good enough, I will post it.

You prefer tabular/text listing, or more of a www table format?! Its your 
page too, let me know what you want!


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