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Re: Engine temp

Jeffrey said:
>         I can accept that the German's design penchant for locating oil
>         temp (etc.) guages below big-toe level is some strange cultural
>         moral esthetic folderol (and thus not "wrong", just, um, German).
>         But regulating the coolant temperature coming out of the radiator
>         rather than coming out of the head (the *HOT* and *SENSITIVE*
>         part of the engine) is just plain *WRONG*.

Although it's been several years and my memory isn't what it used to be (or
so I recall...), I seem to remember early BMW 1600s (I forget exactly which
model) used a thermostat that was mounted in the upper radiator hose ... if
you can find one, this might be an easy solution to this problem.

Fiat Spyders also use a thermostat in the hose. It's set up so
that it allows circulation through the engine until it warms up,
so it promotes uniform warming of the engine block and head.
The thermostate has three openings, one for cooland from the
head, one for coolant to the radiator, and one to bypass the
radiator and return to the block when the engine is cold. Never
had any cooling probs on the Fiat. Hadn't though of using it
on the Audi, though. Perhaps not a bad idea....

Eric T.    '86 5kS