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Re: I've got a 4-door Audi Coupe GT

Ken Hu writes:

>I had a '83 4000 4E some time ago.  Once I went to dealer to buy one 
>driver side molding.  The guy behind the counter did ask me if it was 
>for 4-door or 2-door model.  I guess the 2-door model is just very 

In the early 80s, Audi had a 2 door 4000 in the lineup.  I think they dropped
them around '84 or '85 or so, relying on the Coupe as their 2 door model.  My
sister had an '80 2dr 4000 (until the fuse box committed hari-kiri by fire).
 btw--good lesson there--had the fire been any other cause, insurance would
not have covered it!  I got to drive this thing for a year while she was
studying in Europe.