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Engine temp & Fiats??

> > Fiat Spyders also use a thermostat in the hose. It's set up so
> wow, another spyder owner. Ditto on my spyder, they also have water 
> cooled intake, and are pretty dependant on water flow. I always liked 
> that system (especially on the 'changing the thermostat' standpoint) and 
> thought about doing the same on the Q
> Bob

Can't resist this - what year Spyder?  Anyone have one earlier than 
my 1958 Spyder, 1200 series engine??  (Talk about a strange car - no 
temp gauge.  You just wait to hear a sound like an angry teakettle 
and then you know it's too hot....)

Now, we return you to your regular Audi group............. 

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