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Euro Quattro's??

Hoo boy, hold on to your wallets folks.  Because of my never ending need 
(ahem) of an S2, I was able to get ahold of this gentleman. I have been 
emailing him for a few weeks now getting some info. It seems he is able 
to import USED vehicles from europe for us. (ching!!)
If anyone has any requests, we can get an approximate $$ figure from him.


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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 13:49:00 EET DST
To: Bob D'Amato <Bob.Damato@snetlink.com>
Subject: Re: Agent needed ?

Dear Mr. D'Amato,

I am an Import/Export commission agent. I have just resently thought 
to look at the market for farely used cars. Though I have'nt been 
in the market before, I decided to target the Middle East and African 
market for second hand cars.

I am made more interested by your reply to learn about the need for 
Euro-cars in U.S.A. You asked me if I can send them. Yes, I can send 
them. I will check the market for American Cars in the areas of my 
contacts. I am very eager to build up a permanent link or a network 
of Farely used American and European made cars between me and you and 
between me and my clients.

For your part, I can represent your interest in Europe. The following 
can be agreed:

1- When traveling needed, traveling cost. Cheap, e.g Finland to 
Sweden arround US $20 to $80 depending on what day of the week and 
what time of the day (twenty to Eighty dollars) two ways trip. That 
would be incase we calculate and find it cheaper to send or ship the 
Swedish SAAB cars from Sweden. The same could be done with German
cars. Traveling can only be done when necessary to see the cars from 
sellers and approve of their conditions. When trust is build up, a 
fax message would be enough. I will according to demand ship the 
needed cars from and at the cheapest possible point and means.

2- An indication of commission rate payable to me on orders achieved. 
I would bargain to get even below the minimum price of the various 
cars you need. I would like to know your possible commission rate on 
which we will come to agree. You could tell me the minimum and 
maximum price you would affort to pay for, including my commission.
You would offcource calculate the import tarrifs on farely used 
European Cars to USA. From Germany you can get a farely used Mercedis 
for arround US $ 2000 ( two thousand). From there you can check the 
tarrifs imposed if there is any. It should be negligable on used cars.

If this proposals are of any interest to you, I would be very please 
you indicate the Euro cars demanded in your market. You could inform 
me through the internet. If the prices the market provided here is 
below your maximum required level, I will ask you then to send me your 
"Enquiry" to my fax machine or postal address so as to treat the 
demand official since it would carry your signiture. Below is the 
Name, address, telephone and fax No of my Agency.

I look forward to your reply and remain,

Your faithfully,

Ukech Ujure Kidi
Managing Director,
P{ri World Trade Import/Export Agency