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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated

Hi Linus, Fellow Qheads,

[wisdom about not using braided SS brake-lines on the street ruthlessly snipped]

> This is almost exactly the same comment Bruce Anderson makes in the recent
> issue of Panorama (PCA monthly).  something to the effect that in a race car,
> they're great because the car sees constant/regular maintenance (tear
> down/rebuild) whereas on a street car, not as frequent a maintenance cycle.
>  Someone also mentioned that stainless/teflon lines are not DOT
> approved--I've been told that Russel makes a DOT approved hose--it's the
> fittings that are the issue.

Two (probably entirely un-necessary) points.  Linus, beyond the fact that he's a
great human being, is clearly a man of great erudition and wisdom.  Heed him, oh
Qheads, and do not use these SS brake lines on the street.  

Oh yeah, the other probably un-necessary point is to identify BA, for the one 
person who does not recognize the name.  Bruce is "Mr. 911," widely recognized 
as the most authoritative voice on the technical aspects of the 911 on this side
of the pond.