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Re: Euro Quattro's??

> This raises an interesting question (for me).  My wife and I are going
> to take my sister to Europe next summer as a graduation present, and
> instead of renting a car, I was thinking of buying a new Audi there and
> then having it shipped here (European delivery program).  Possibly I
> could even keep it there long enough to qualify as a used car.  Another
> idea (since I shudder at the thought of buying a new Audi) is to buy a
> used one in Germany and then bring it over, but as mentioned, I think
> there are many regulations governing this.  Does anyone know if it
> would be feasible to bring over a used car?  Nothing exotic, a 91
> 90Q20v would be fine or something similar.

No more Euro delivery program (but that could change, give Audi USA a
call).  It is unclear whether you could find a used US spec car, but
with the large US military population in Germany, it may be possible.
I also suspect that you would not be able to buy a new US spec car from
a German dealership unless there is a European delivery program in
place.  US dealers don't want to see a car on a warranty claim that
came into the US backdoor.  But again, given the US military presence
in Germany, they may have some program for the military.

This brings up a slightly interesting story.  My cousin, Mark Hussman,
was in Germany teaching in '85 on one of the bases.  He absolutely hated
his job and ended up spending a lot of time at the local Audi
dealership helping connect his friends with the right car.  You or I might
help 1 or 2 folks a year buy a car.  Mark sold 26 Audis.  

As such the dealership liked him a lot.  Unfortunately the main guy
he dealt with (I think it was a Herr Sieber or something like that)
is no longer with the dealership but I suspect even the dealer owner
(who didn't speak much English) would remember him.  From time to time
since 85 he has referred other folks to the dealership.

Anyway the dealer is called "Horst Behr" and can be reached at
011 49 9721-1435. They are located in Schweinfurt which Mark says is a very
pleasant place to visit, (despite the name?).  I have no
other contacts there and don't know if you can even find anyone who
speaks English (you probably can though).  Given their proximity
to the base at Schweinfurt they may have a line on a US spec car.
And they could tell you if they could order a US spec car (but you would
have to plan well in advance).  Mark's view was that it wouldn't
be any cheaper (getting a dealer in the US to deal from invoice is
no problem, doing the same in Germany is according to Mark much 
tougher.  Standard markup in Germany is 16%.

There are a number of other pitfalls.  Germans are every bit as 
bureaucratic as the US is when it comes to regulations.  When Mark
bought his car in Germany he was allowed to register it through
the US military even though it does not meet German standards.
If you as a private citizen needed to register the car in Germany
for a month to drive around, you might not be allowed to (because
the side markers aren't in the right place or the right color or
stuff like that - I don't know specifics on German requirements). 

Make sure the dealer can get the car back to the US for you.  When Mark
bought his US spec car from Horst Behr, he dropped it off at the
dealership and they took care of getting home (on a factory ship).
If you end up shipping it yourself it will cost a fortune and more
pitfalls to circumvent.


Actually if you are going to rent something, I recommend (if there are
only 2 of you) something I picked up off the lotus digest, i.e.
an agency in the UK that will rent you a Caterham (Lotus) 7 for about 
$140 a day. Other than a motorcycle you won't find anything quicker.
But you said there were three of you. Oh well.