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Re: 5k/V8 backlight roller shade

> From: LToy@aol.com
> Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 14:26:16 -0400
> Yesterday, I saw a 5000 turbo fwd (~ '87-'88) in a parking lot with a
> backlight (rear window) roller shade.  It appears to be factory installed,
> pulling up from inside the parcel tray behind the rear seat back, clipping to
> the top of the backlight.  The only other one I saw was on a V8.  I think
> this is a great idea, especially to keep sun off the leather, without having
> to tint the windows...and of course, I'd like one in my car.
> Has anyone ever retrofitted one of these?  Looks like I'd either need a new
> parcel tray or have to cut into the existing one :(  Ideas?  Anyone else have
> one?
> TIA,
> Linus.
> LToy@aol.com

My '90 100tq has this. It also has pull down shades on the rear door
windows. I believe they were factory installed. This car is pretty
loaded and about the only thing missing from the '85 200tq I had is
the memory seats and the mixed cloth-leather interior.

The rear shade is mounted in a special rear window board. It would
probably be easy to install both this and the rear door shades.