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ECU Connector Source

O.K.  Heres the source for the ECU Connectors, and probably many
more of your harness pieces.  Amp has a 800 number, and they have
tech sales staff to help out.  They have Amp-Germany parts and can
get them or at least faxes of data sheets and "samples" of parts.

AMP phone service 1-800-526-5142 Customer Service (ordering)

for faxes of drawing and other technical support

Call Amp 1-800-522-6752

ECU uses the "Junior Timer" series connectors, with 25 pins.
The part number for the harness side (female) is  827249-3.
The part number for the ECU board mount (male) is 827250

>From the fax this has ALL the features to mount up to the box 
including the pivot, the locking mechanism, the seal, the back
shell, the guts, and pins.  It is a kit. 

You may be able to get some other parts through as well.
I suspect most of our beloved harness part come from AMP-Germany.

paul timmerman-