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On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, A. G. R. Sutherland wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Aug 1995, Christopher Ice wrote:
> > Finally broke down and took the '88 90Q to a shop to have a grocery list
> > made.  Went ahead and did the timing-belt/water-pump thing plus dump and
> > fill all fluids.  Bout $500 for the whole job ($270 for timing belt/water
> > pump job, plus coolant flush and fill, power steering fluid, etc.)
> > All-in-all, a fair price I think.
> > 
> > A stiff brake-pulse has been traced to the rear.  One of the calipers has
> > seized causing both rotors to warp through excessive heat, etc.
> > New/rebuilt calipers are called for.  The guy at the shop was very cool
> > about it and explained where his parts prices come from...but bottom line
> > is the rear brake job will run me ~$700.  Yes...that's a seven (two hours
> > of labor for about $110, the rest is parts).  When I explained that I just
> > simply cannot afford it, I asked him what my options were.  He said to just
> > drive it!  The rear brakes don't do that much braking...and if I "crunch a
> > rotor", I needed new ones anyway!  ;-)  This should give me time to track
> > down parts.
> > 
> > Soooo...I *need* to find new or rebuilt calipers or perhaps rebuild them
> > myself.  If someone has ANY info on this, PLEASE e-mail me cause I need
> > details.  Linda at Carlsen quoted me $415/ea for new calipers...so no luck
> > there.
> > 
> > HELP!
> > Chris
>   Chris,
>    I had a frozen caliper on the rear offside of my 4000 audi dealership
>  was quoting a similar price across here (british equivalent). Anyway
>  my pet mechanic and good mate stripped both rear brakes and rebuilt
>  them for the cost of 2 sets of new pads and 50 quid labour.
>  I think now if he can so can we given time and patience.

I'm having problems with the rear calipers on my 5000S...The parking
brake part of the calipers is frozen, if I put the parking brake on
it won't release completely. If I were still in Ohio it wouldn't be a
problem, but here in Mass. they check your emergency brake during
yearly inspections...My last inspection a few weeks ago, I had to drive
home about 1/4 mi from the station with the brake still partially on until
I could get under the car with a hammer and "unfreeze" them. I looked
in Bentley, but there was nothing about them...I was hoping I could
loosen them up or rebuild them somehow. Any ideas out there? (and no, a can
or 2 of WD40 won't help :') )


'87 5000S ( goes _really_ slow after inspections! )

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