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Quantum Syncro struts

Since there seem to be several Syncro owners on this list, I thought I'd
solicit your input.  I need to replace all 4 struts on my wagon, but can only
find gas fronts. (I haven't tried Bilstein yet, but then I haven't won the
lottery yet, either.)  I want low pressure gas inserts, but if I have no
other choice I'll go with the Boge Automatic hydraulics.  I also haven't
tried KYB, but they are very low on my list.  I used to use them on my rally
cars (back when there were no other choices), but the last several sets
failed VERY quickly.  Others I raced with had the same problem, and I've
heard similar stories from people who use them for the street.  Since
changing these things isn't the 10 minute job it is on my other VWs, I want
something that will last.


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