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Re: Watch out Bart... was Re: SS brake lines

>Hi Eric, Peter, Garydon, Fellow Q-heads

> ...Unka Bart

The balance snipped in the name of saving internet bandwidth.

Does anyone actually know of any failures of SS brake lines?  If so how did
they fail?  Ditto for rubber lines.

It would seem to me that leakage with either type would be indicated by
looking at the master cylinder, which would then cause more than a casual
inspection of all the components.  Also, while I could be persuaded that SS
lines may not last as long as rubber lines(???), if I don't change to SS I
will probably leave on the 13 year old rubber lines like the rest of the
world (unless reading this debate scares me into changing them on general
principles).  Out of interest, how many of you routinely change brake

The other question is, what is the benefit of SS lines?  If mostly pedal
feel, how noticeable is the change?

I hate to stir this up again, but it has been entertaining.

While we're on the subject, how do people feel about drilled rotors for
street cars.  I would guess that the advantage is entirely thermal, in
which case it would be overkill on the street.  Other opinions?


Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ