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QTC/5kT(?): Starter heat shields

Occasionally I have a problem with the QTC where if I shut down the engine 
when it is hot, let the car sit for ~10 minutes and then attempt to start 
the engine again that the starter solenoid does not engage.  I don't even 
hear it make a sound.  Usually letting the car sit for another 10-20 minutes 
will allow it to cool down enough for the starter to be revived.  At first 
the effect seemed to be correlated to having a battery that was not fully 
charged, but I now keep the battery on a automatic charger when it is in 
the garage.

I noticed some starter heat shields for sale in a local auto parts store,
and I seem to recall someone on the q-list talking about others (Graydon?).
I checked out the fiche and found two parts listed for the QTC, one appears
to be a simple piece of sheet metal, while the other seems to be more of an
insulator (foil & fiberglass).  I do not have either of these on my '83, but
I noticed something like the insulator on the '88 5kT.  The fiche for the 
'88 shows only the insulator, and both have the same part number.  If anyone 
is interested, here are the part numbers from the fiche:

	035 911 049  - Starter Cover
	035 911 295A - Heat Insulating

The parts dept says that there are none of the first item (sheetmetal?) in
the USA, but I can get the second one (for a pretty reasonable price com-
pared to the aftermarket ones).  

Now the questions ...

1) Anyone else experienced the same problem?  Was it resolved by replacing
   the starter?
2) Anyone with a QTC have any insulation or sheetmetal shield on their 
   starter?  If so which kind?

TIA for any information!
Steve Buchholz