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Re: Audi Coupe Questions: To buy?

Roadside Attraction sez:
> > BMW just sent me a promo package, and the 4WD option is listed.  Also
> > rumored to be available in a new sport version next year.
> Is that on today's 3-series platform?? Is that the setup in the German 
> Touring Sedan Championship (or British)?

Yes, I believe so, as that is featured in the promo package.

> When Subaru introduced SVX, there were 3 unique things running for it: 
> the boxer engine, the funky Guigairo design, and full time 4WD. The price 
> was competitive, but skipping on the stick and somewhat of a not so 
> powerful engine left me dissapointed.

Yes, I think the marketing department had some bad influence.  The SVX is
also a rolling showcase of advanced electonics.

> Peter Farell also got 4WD RX-7 for his rallye races (or so I hear). Darn 
> it, THAT would be interesting. Is there a 4WD 300ZX (unlikely, since 
> Nissan got Skyline)? How about 4WD Supra Turbo (I don't think GT-FOur 
> would be competitive with Skyline GT-R, would it?)?

A Skyline would be nice -- have you seen the Japanese web pages on it?  Way
cool, and I can't even read Kanji!

> For some reason, most of the people in U.S. don't get it. They think anti 
> lock brakes and anti slip control (or whatever -- look at the latest 
> gizmo from MB on some of its selected models) will make the car as 
> competent as a 4WDer -- not.

At the Corvette demo I went to, I found it amazing just how bad T/C is;
my vastly underpowered and overweight (compared to a 'vette) '91 Coupe could
have handily beat the 'vettes at their own game at the slick parking lot
surface.  But they weren't interested in running any comparisons...

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