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Re: 5000 brake mods contemplated (SMTP

>Also, it was posted that they squeak a lot and dust, I can live with the 
>dust ,but not squeaky brakes. Are they really that bad? I think I would 
>forgoe the better braking for the quieter braking. Any comments? 

Hunh! I can't hear you?....  Do they squeak, YES!  But if you turn the 
radio up and the A/C on high you won't hear a thing.

Really there only bad if you have the windows down.  Also I don't have 
any No Squeak on the backing plates so that might help.  As for the 
difference in braking it is incredible, Prepare to relearn your brake 
pedal the inital application is... ummm.... can you say, agressive. I 
would do the pads then the SS/Teflon lines. 

The nice thing about the dust is that is will not attack your wheels 
paint and it washes off easily.

The other cool thing about the Carbon Pads is they turn your rotors black 
from Carbon transfer.


Eric Fletcher