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Audi Turbo....going, going,gone

I went on a test drive today in a new Audi S6 wagon with a tech/driver from
Audi. Here is the inside scoop on the lack of turbos in Audis for 1996:
As of 1996 all cars must have OBDC. (On board Diagnostic Computers) Mercedes
came out with one a year early and it has been nothing but brain damage for
the dealers and mechanics. A "shade tree mechanic" will need at least 4
seperate hand held computers to find out why the lights are flashing on his
dash.  Audi has not worked out the extra kinks of the OBDC system with
Turbos. Their solution? Usually Audi starts a new model year production after
their September vacation. This year though, they will manufacture the S6 all
the way to December 31st so that Audi dealers will have a turbo car to sell
to their customers. Down side is that the minute you buy it, it's a year old

Up side is that once that turbo kicks in, the Mrs.'s will never be late
getting the kids to school on time :)