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re:Audi Imsa/GTO Poster

>I am looking for posters of Audi IMSA/GTO championship car.  I was wondering
>if anybody out there know where I can still get this type of poster

>Thank's a lot in the first place

>Pram S4

I've got 2, one Detroit (1st win, I think) and another (gotta dig it up). As
much as I like them, just don't have a worthy place to display. Also have Co.
posters rec'd at 1st Lime Rock Q club autocross-1 is classic Avus poster,
other  is yellow prototype "spyder" in an outdoor setting. No idea of
"value"-I was planning as using them as favors (or trade) for help others
have offered in locating some parts for me (like 15 inch 5 lugs wheels).

Mike A
87 5k CSTQ