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Re: 5KCSTQ Wastegate Springs (SMTP Id#: 197

   Charlie, will this spring fit my 83 TQC (UR-Quattro) ? If so
   would I have to by pass anything?  I have not installed any chip
   upgrade at this point, so this would the first and only
   modification to the car since I bought it.  I would appreciate a
   response when you have a chance. Thanks Charlie.  

The UrQ's already have a *higher-pressure* spring, regulates somewhere
around 10-11psi, or 1.7bar, putting in a 1.5bar spring would be some-
what anticlimatic...

Bypassing the fuel pump is a Krock. (Can't argue that it *WORKS*, but
it's a krock!) You really need to modify the ECU to make it work "right".

I'll be posting details on UrQ ECU code (actually, "data") mods to al-
low higher boost/et al SometimeSoonNow(tm) [that's kinda sorta like a
watered-down RealSoonNow]. I've gotten the boost map, overboost cutoff,
cold engine warm up open loop map, and WOT open loop maps identified.
Hoards of hoary details will be forthcoming as I get it all sorted out
and translated into something vaguely resembling conversational English,
including info on adjustable-boost-control (heh heh -- my patent-pending
ShrapnelKnobben). I'm developing/debugging/field-testing mods now.