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Re: A6 new hidden antenna

> Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 14:10:29 -0400
> From: Minven Wang <mwang@stern.nyu.edu>
> Hi, folks:  
> From a recent HongKong Auto Magazine, there is an article about the new A6.
> It gave a good remark about the car and mentioned that the A6 has a hidden
> antenna.  Having suffered some problem from my Audi's motorilized antenna
> I find this feature interesting, but can help wondering how it is done.  I
> saw one BMW yesterday which also seems does not have an antenna.  Anyone
> knows more about it?
> BTW, regarding recent discussions about fuel comsumption, the above article
> also said that the A6 with a 1.8 liter will have 47mpg and a cruising range
> of more than 800 miles.  Isn't it a misprint?
> Minven Wang

My '90 100tq:s antenna are the top two wires in the heated rear
window. I wondered for a while where the antenna was located and I was
also disturbed by the top two wires not heating the window. Examining
the window a bit closer revealed three connections on the
window. Checking the users manual a bit closer also revealed this.

The antenna is also amplified, which I noted when I was installing the
stereo. I didn't bother to hook up the wire for the motorized antenna
and the reception was zero. Hooking up this wire made all the

I think it is pretty sleek not having any external antenna. I haven't
bother installing an antenna for the cellular either. The phones built
in antenna works OK also inside the car.