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Re: Thermostats (was Termostats :-) )

Yow - 300 hp could be a bit of a problem with the stock cooling system.  
Sure, a custom radiators is not a bad idea, but I would definitely look 
into an oil cooler for two reasons.  First, your oil is probably getting 
a little hotter than you really want it to.  A btu removed from the oil 
is just as good as a btu removed from the coolant.  

Oil coolers are not hard to install.  The typical set-up is to put an 
adaptor between the oil filter and the block.  This provides access 
without drilling, cutting, etc.  You run lines from the adaptor to 
cooler you mount in the air stream (in front of the engine or the 
radiator).  Some versions of this hardware let you mount the oil filter 
right on top of the adaptor.  Alternatively,  you could remotely mount 
your filter.

The best place to find this sort of hardware is probably a speed shop.

Jason Douglas
(703) 883-7016