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Re: Audi Turbo....going, going,gone

Andrew Duane USG/PE sez:
> You've got to be kidding. I assume this is out kindly Uncle Sam (not
> at all to be confused with our Kindly Unka Bart) "protecting" us from
> rough idles and other terrible things?
> I never heard anything about this. Is it the EPA, DOT, NHTSA, or what?

OBDC, otherwise known as OBD III (On-Board Diagnostic Computer or 3), is
an EPA-mandated system to constantly monitor all operations of the
emissions system.  The plan is for testing stations to plug in to  the
OBD connector on your car during annual emmissions inspection, and then
to determine if a system fault has occured during the past year -- which
the center will then insist you fix.

Some poeple have been saying very dark things about this system:
1) This means the end of illegal performance mods, as the system will detect
these things easily.
2) The end of simple emmissions checks, as the system must now perform
properly at all times (potentially huge repair bills)
3) The end of DIY repair -- you will need the OBD interface computers
to diagnose problems, and those units and specs will only be available to
"official" repair people.
4) The future potential for roving emmissions patrols, perhaps even using
OBD with a radio transmitter.

Scarry stuff, all -- even if the core technical concepts, such as the
OBD protocol, are real good.

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