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New Quattro Owner

I just got started on this list after purchasing my first Audi, a '87 5000CSTQ.

One of the students who works at my wife's lab (University of Waterloo)
decided to get rid of her car.  Her Dad bought it new and gave it to her about
3 years ago. Anyways, her Dad cashed in his business (lives on a boat in
the Carribean), she just got accepted to Med school - couldn't afford
the repairs/insurance/etc so she sold it to us for $1000 Cdn!!!  She was
very worried that it would be expensive for us to fix!! Anyways she gave us a
list of all known problems:

steering rack leaks, highbeam swithch broken, one window won't come down, a/c
doesn't work, and window washer doesn't work. 

The following have been replaced recently: starter, alternator, rear brakes,
rear tires, new transmission 3 years ago!  Don't know about wheel bearings
or fuel pump - its possible her Dad replaced these when he owned it.

The car has 168,000 miles - high mileage but her Dad put on 150,000 miles doing
business in the US so its mostly highway miles.

So far I've replaced the steering rack, paid $390Cdn for a rebuilt with a
lifetime warrenty, wired the switch assembly so the lights work but the high
beams don't, and switched wires on the window washer so the main tank works.

It still needs a new steering pump - it leaks (not too bad), I can get a 
rebuilt for $225Cdn.  The lifters are noisy (especially the ones at the
rear of the engine) at startup if the cars been sitting a few days.

The body and interior are mint and it drives fantastic.

All in all this is one super car for one super price!  All my friends freak out
when they hear what I paid for it.

Now for a question, the car starts well when the engine is cold but if its hot
outside and it sits for say 1/2 hour it takes the starter about 3 5 second 
tries to start.  Any ideas?

PS After driving this car I don't think I can ever go without 4WD again!!!