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Re: RR Fuel Reg Upgrades?

>Any mods, what's the app?  My 350hp is running a little lean (but still @ or
>above stoim), but I know that @ 275 hp everything is fine with the stock
>setup on the 5ktq.....  I have some other ideas, not sure the RR fuel
>pressure reg that probst mentions is the best mod...
>87 5ktqRS2

I can't email to anyone at aol.com forsome reason so I will use the list.
At a more broad level, would you be willing to outline some of your steps
into the 300+ hp range.  How much boost, what controls, what cooling
mods, what ignition timing mods.  If you don't want to spill, I will
understand, but it would save me alot of time learning.

Paul Timmerman