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Re: 89-90 200Q performance

Brooks Asked so I tried to answer:

>They were  extremly sluggish from the line, but once I got >3k RPM,
> it raced (pretty well) through the RPMs until I shifted, then it would 
>start again... A Little push, then all of the sudden a big (short) rush 
>of power until I shifted. 

Well that's a Turbo car. Besides you mention that you can only get 91 
octane, that in itself is going to lower the engines HP

>It was a HOT day (~95 or so), but it was dry. The AC was 
>pretty much on the whole time - could this be the major factor in my 


>( it was really really hot though. my 130hp 100Q felt 
>like it had the full timing retard giving me a good hundred HP )

Hunnh??!?!? Retarded timeing makes a engine make less HP not more.

>    K&N filter (for sure), I would assume that this would help the turbo 
>spool up faster, thus improving response. I assume it would help a little
>off boost performance, but not enough to really matter.        

The K&N Will not help your turbo spool up faster.
>    An intercooler sprayer (probably at WOT), I think this would help, 
>especially in the hot weather.

In a word no. Cooling the IC won't help your low RPM Torque. It might 
help you high end HP but I doubt that you'd feel it with normal (1.4 Bar)

>    A homemade Ram-Air system, I have heard on the list that this doesn't 
>work well with the 5-cyl cars, at least the normally asperated cars. I 
>was thinking that it would work with the turbo, since it does go through 
>the intercooler and compressor first...has anyone tried this? Is it a 
>lost cause? 

It won't fry you engine but PDQSHIP and I have been running the stock 
intake system and it works real well for us.  (PDQSHIP Has 350+ HP and 
I'm not far behind)

>    an Intended acceleration upgrade. I think that this will be a stage 1 
>upgrade up ~60HP or so..I don't think the stage 2 will work with this 
>engine, but I may be wrong. (besides, the highest octane I can get is 91)
>I was also wondering how the different upgrades work, because I am 
>considering the stage III as soon as I can afford it, and was wondering 
>if I would get some kind of credit for the stage I upgrade. ( $1500+ is a 
>chunk o change). I was also wondering what the stage III upgrade is 
>exactly - I would imagine a stiffer wastegate spring, upgraded computer, 
>and an upgraded turbo. (?)

You answered your own question.... The highest Octane that you can get is 
91.  If I put 91 in my car (With Neds 2.0 Bar Box) I would Ping the motor 
to death.  Unless you can get higher octane don't expect to put any more 
boost on the engine.

>    A turbo upgrade - I was wondering what would happen if I put an S2/S4 
>or a RS2 turbo vane in the old 10v engine..good, bad..what? would I get 
>improved low end torque? just improved high end? not enough of an 
>improvment to justify it anywhere? Anyone tried this turbo upgrade?

At this point I would talk with Scott (PDQSHIP@aol.com)  He is THE

>    A NOS kit. I would see if I could get a NOS controller to dump the 
>NOS in for a couple of seconds, until the turbo spooled up, when I hit 
>WOT. I would use small NOS injectors and a timer so I didn't stress my 
>engine, and don't use too much NOS, and don't run on NOS all the time 
>instead of my turbo. ( you know I would if I had enough NOS ) 

have fun with that one but If I remember NOS and Turbos don't mix..... I 


Eric Fletcher