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89-90 200Q performance

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

> Well that's a Turbo car. Besides you mention that you can only get 91 
> octane, that in itself is going to lower the engines HP

Ahh..Even though, talons/eclipse 4 cyl. manage ~190 HP with 91. ?
It would seem, with an extra cyl. and extra displacement, you could burn 
more fuel and air without knocking, therefor have more torque and HP.
> >( it was really really hot though. my 130hp 100Q felt 
> >like it had the full timing retard giving me a good hundred HP )
> Hunnh??!?!? Retarded timeing makes a engine make less HP not more.

Thats what I said - normally 130, seemed like 100. 100 < 130
> You answered your own question.... The highest Octane that you can get is 
> 91.  If I put 91 in my car (With Neds 2.0 Bar Box) I would Ping the motor 
> to death.  Unless you can get higher octane don't expect to put any more 
> boost on the engine.

Once again, I think that that the talon runs 12 psi (~.8 bar ( I suppose 
on an AUDI it would read 1.8 bar ) ) with normal 91 gas.. I don't know if 
it matters ( probably not, as it is a turbo car, same amount of air 
(mass) with the same amount of pressure as a lower altitude ), but I am 
about 6000 feet above sea level. I believe that is the reason that they 
don't sell >91 octane - I was in New York/Eastern thereabouts and saw 
everything from 86 (wouldn't put it in my lawn mower) to 94 (!). 

> have fun with that one but If I remember NOS and Turbos don't mix..... I 
> dunno......

I have a few magazines that feature readers cars with some sort of 
supercharger or turbocharger and a NOS kit. I think it will work fine as 
long as your fuel pump and injectors can handle it.

Brooks ( thanks for actually reading that )