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Re: Hot under the Collar....er Hood

In a message dated 95-08-21 02:10:47 EDT, you write:

>The High Boost Temps were UGLY: CHT 240!! Rad 180, Block 220 Underhood 
>150 Ext Temp 88 and 16PSI Boost.  It took five min. for the Cyl Head 
>temps to come back to a "Normal" Reading.

For you people with high output engines: the higher the cylinder head
temperature, the greater the risk of detonation.  I'm not sure if qtc's have
knock sensors, but I've detonated a hole right through a Rabbit head and the
results are NOT pretty!  With all this radiator/cooling talk we've been
having, the problem isn't just blowing head gaskets or warping heads (as if
that weren't bad enough), but more catastrophic problems with high turbo

I thought you'd want to know,