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Re: Premium fuel

Hairy green toads from Mars made Doran Howitt say:

> My owners manual says premium fuel is "recommended".  Why?
> The car seems to run the same regardless of octane (she is a 1989 100Q 
> non-turbo 2.3 in-line five).
> All major-brand regular fuels have detergents for cleaning injectors so that 
> can't be the reason, can it?
> Is it worth hearing some votes on the question of 87 octane vs. 93?

My '89 100Q likes 87 octane just fine unless it's high summer and I
use the A/C a lot. Then, the A/C loads the engine too much and it
stumbles a lot. 89 cures that fine.

I sometimes put 92/93 in. It does help when I really want to wind it
up a lot; there's a lot more room at WOT.

Angela's '90 90Q20V, however, needs at least 89 to run well at all.
87 makes it hesitate and knock a lot.


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