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Re: #@$? EPA! Yeah!

[complaint from Chris Ice]
>I realize that we've got it better here than probably anywhere else...but
>take a trip into Mexico City and TRY to breathe without choking.  No
>matter, we'll have to live like angels anyway.
Article in NYTimes yesterday stated that a noted environmental scientist
who specializes in this pollution stuff found that Mexico City's lovely
yellow air is caused mainly by the leaking LPG cylinders that is used for
cooking and heating in practically every home. The automobile culprit they
have been chasing for ten years in not the real bad guy.

Let the EPA choke on that one. And on the lovely DuPont crafted CFC crap.
The only ozone hole I've noticed seem to be in the heads of the CARB and
EPA officials. And you can quote me on that.

What are they going to do. Foist OBD II on my 87 5000s! I'll run a new baaS
0009 on them and clean up their air!

Ernest Wong