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Re: Electrical Problems

> >I have an '83TQC and it has been exhibiting some peculiar symptoms as 
> >of late.  I can be driving down the road (mph varies) and for no 
> >apparent reason, the car shuts off electrically.  The engine quits, all 
> >of the dash gauges go to their respective rest points.  The car 
> >straightenes its self out within a half a second or less.  I have tried 
> >to recreate the "happening" by driving over railroad tracts, making 
> >hard left/right hand turns but nothing recreates this problem.  When 
> >this has happened, I have been driving on relative smoothe, flat 
> >streets.
> Sounds like it's time for a new fuse box......
> Barry
> '86 4000CS Quattro

I had almost identical symtoms on my 82TQC and the ignition switch 
was the problem, twice about 6 years apart.

	Bruce Hochuli