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Mesh rims/cleaning

    I was wondering what people used to clean the mesh 15x6 rims... I was 
looking at getting something for 'Clear coat factory rims', and 
supposedly you just spray it on, wait a few seconds, then rinse it off. 
Does this work? would it be safe to use on my rims? ( the are the factory 
mesh rims..BBS? ) I assume they are clear coated, but don't want to 
accidenty spray the wrong thing on them, and corrode them away. 
    I generally keep them fairly clean, but I am getting tired of 
spraying 409 on them, and rubbing with a towel or using a toothbrush to 
get in the little crevices. I think If I do it much more I will develop 
arthritus, or maybe carperal tunnel syndrome. Or I might just never do it 
and develop a lot of brake dust and grease on my rims which would be just 
about as bad.

hints / tips / suggestions / whatever / thanks in advance