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Re: gas tank recall (5000 quattro)

dhuddles@gandalf.ca David J. Huddleson wrote:

>I'm sure I have info about this at home. I'll try to dig tonight to get the
>details. If I remember correctly, the recall was (IN PART) brought about by
>several engine fires in 5000 TQ's. It seems that overfilling the tank in
>certain high temperature environments (heat of summer...) could cause gas
>to purge from the tank into the vent lines, and possibly into hot engine
>So, beware trying to boast how much fuel you can pump into your 5000 quattro!!!

I recall reading about this in Edmunds a few years ago and I thought that it
was only for the turbos. My car has a 21.? gallon tank or maybe a smaller one
with a reserve. I'll see if there's anything on the WWW.

Michael Moy