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Non-Audi Technical Question

Sorry guys, this has nothing to do with Audi's (although my Quattro jump
started the boat yesterday.)  What kind of lubricant should be used on the
starter gear to help it kick out when the starter is engaged?  This should
apply to a starter on anything, Audi's, Volkswagens, Porsche's, and V6 Mercury
150's I'd assume...  I'm working on a boat that has been sitting for three
years, the starter gear will spring up when the starter is engaged, but
sometimes it won't go back down.  Lithium grease?  WD40?  Graphite?
Also a question for you electircal guru's out there:  There is a hydraulic trim
pump on this thing.  It takes twelve volts, straight from the battery into a 90
amp fuse (looks like a relay to me) and then goes to the pump motor.  We hooked
power up to this thing, then tried to raise the motor.  Nothing.  A little
voltage testing showed 12 Volts both before and after this 90 amp fuse, so we
ruled it out.  After an hour of tracing, I tested the Ohms of the fuse.
 According to the meter (SunPro 7670) the fuse was blown!  Bypassed the fuse,
motor came right up.  We hooked the fuse up again and tried it, still measured
12 volts before and after the fuse, but the motor went nowhere.  How is this
possible?  If the fuse is blown (obviously it is) why would the meter still be
registering voltage going through the fuse, but not registering any ohms
passing through?  This has me baffled, TIA for any ideas.  We now return you to
your normally scheduled Audi program.

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)