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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #398

I have been trying to track down a bushing for the
shifter connector rod.  This is a six inch long rod that 
connects the main shifter rod to the transmission housing.
It provides for proper pivotoing of the main rod for
selecting, say, reverse or 5th.  I can't select either of these.
The dealer wants to sell me the whole rod for $46 dollars.
The bushing is a ten cent part.  Anyone have a good source?
Anyone know about part commonality for this piece?

paul timmerman-

**Paul - try taking the offending part to a machine shop and have 
them make you one!  Should be cheap.  I've had misc. businigs done 
this way in the past.

ITEM TWO..........

>If yours got aero-style headlamp (which you only need to replace the 
>bulb), then there are those illegal-for-stree-use powerful-than-average 
>replacement bulbs available. Let's face it, some of those aero lamps on 
>today's cars (various manufacturers on various models) have terrible 
>desgins that really couldn't cut the bread.

Yeah.... but you better run them off relays and not the stock wiring harness.

****I wonder.  I have been running 100w/hi, 60w/lo bulbs for almost a 
year with *no problems at all*, using the stock harness.  This 
includes a couple of lengthy night drives.  The car is a 1990 

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