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Re: '87 5KCSTQ Idling Problem

I can't seem to find the procedure for cleaning or testing the idle 
stabilizer valve. Can someone point me in the right direction or mail it 
to me?

If the engine is cold I get the same problem upon startup. It starts to
idle at 2800-3000. If I give a little tug at the throttle line it goes
down to about 1100 but its still idles kind of rough.  As well, the fuel
distributor is making a: bzzzt (stop) bzzt (stop),... continually. Is that

On Wed, 23 Aug 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

> Hairy green toads from Mars made Rob Silcher say:
> > I'm driving home at lunch, the car isn't hot yet - I come to a stop light 
> > and instead of idling at 900 rpm its running at 2800 rpm.  I get home 
> > - open the hood, play with the throttle - its not stuck.  It eventually 
> > goes down to 1000 rpm but kind of rough - sort of bouncing up and down.
> > 
> > If I give it a shot of gas it goes way back up to 2800 -3000 rpm.
> Idle Stabilizer Valve.
> It's a small cyliner, about 1.5" diameter, 4" long, with vacuum
> hoses at each end and an electrical connector. It is usually stuck
> on top of the cylinder head near the front of the car.
> They go bad a lot, but sometimes the valve inside gets gummed up and
> can be cleaned with contact cleaner.
> Check the archives for a complete description.
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