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Re: octane

>Glen wrote
> I can really tell the diff between 1-2
> octane points on the fuel. I have about 100K miles with
> the IA mod and increased boost.
>I found a local gas station that sells 100 octane gas.
>I think that should be good for a few extra psi.  ;-)
I dont know what your EPA will say, but I've found that 110 octane Avgas
works a treat. I get it from the local airfield.  You can get an unleaded
version as well at about 106. Its a bit of a hassle going out there to fill
up but my Ur-Q has a 90 lt (24 gall) tank, so I only need to fill up every
10 days or so. Pricing over here is similar to premium unleaded

John Firkins