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FWD: NMA on the Web!

I saw this on the autocross mail list and thought it might be of interest
to the q-list ....
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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 03:49:00 UTC
Subject: NMA on the Web!

This is sorta relevant since a) people asked about it a short time ago, and
b) a whole bunch of folks are getting ready to hit the highways for Topeka
and all that law enforcement out there will be waiting for them.
This is from Bob Morrow at National Motorists Association HQ (NMA@genie.com):
 > The NMA is on the World Wide Web now.
 > After about 5 weeks of work, our site is running.  Among other things,
 > you can sign up a friend, get info mailed to you if you're not a member,
 > buy stuff from the NMAs online store, and see the report that says lower
 > speed limits don't slow down traffic or reduce accidents.  You can also
 > join! :-)
 > http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/nma
 > This page is 'graphics-lite' for a few reasons:  speed of transfers and
 > for those using Lynx text-only browsers.  The only page where graphics
 > are used in any amount is the Online Store, we figured it's kind of nice
 > to see what you're buying.  Having said that, it looks best with a
 > Netscape browser.
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Steve Buchholz