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Re: DOT 3,4,5?

In a message dated 95-08-23 15:27:22 EDT, you write:

>You may be right about DOT 5 being resistant to water
>  absorbtion..... I do seem to remember reading that DOT 5
>  should never be used in systems designed for DOT 3 or 4,
>  something about eating seals or requiring total flush and
>  elimination of any DOT 3/4 residue prior to installing the 5.
>  Someone out here with more track experience must know
>  this stuff by heart.....

Yes, eats seals, don't do it, the fluid from your local BMW dealer has some
interesting heat specs, ck that out first.......  Fluid that has been flushed
once a year even in stock castrol GT dot 3/4 is bettrn trying to go dot 5,
fluid gains are not only minimal, they really aren't going to do much for
you:  look at calipers, pads, drilled rotors, SS lines, there's performance
in braking....   Not just thinkin