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Big Brakes for the S4

I have a brother, Cary, in southern california who has his own business,
(ERS), developing 911 racing suspension components.  One of his cars, most
recently, won the GT-2 IMSA Class at Sears point.  The driver and owner was
Kevin Buckler.  

A few days ago I showed Cary a couple of magazine articles on the RS2.  I
specifically pointed out the brakes on the RS2 as something I would love to
have on my S4.  His comment was no problem, but I need your car for 1 week.
Even though he's my brother my first comment was, "how much?"  He believe's
that he can adapt the Porsche (Brembo) brakes for some where between $2500
to $3500.  There's alot of unknowns here, however.  Do you adapt a Porsche
hub or cast custom larger disks for the Audi standard hubs?  If you cast
larger disks, how large? Is the design for 16, 17 or 18 inch wheels.  What
master cylinder needs to be adapted to the system? Anyone on the List knows
the complexities involve.  This whole idea is very much in the formulative
stages.  Yes, I am aware of the possibility of adapting the new A8 or the
'96 S6 brakes to the S4.  But, historically Audi brakes have not been one of
their greatest technological features.  Brembo is a proven racing and street
product and their awesome at scrubbing off forward energy.

Here's the bottom line.  I live in northern california and Cary lives in LA.
My S4 is my daily dirver.  Cary needs a volunteer to loan him an S4 for one
week.  This would enable Cary to dimension the problem correctly and
determine the best solution to the problem.  The volunteer would have the
option of of going to the bigger brakes or back to stock.  The only
enumeration would been a substantial discount on the modification. 

If there is a volunteer out there please call me, Jay Eisenlohr at
415-335-5900 x101.  I would, also, be interested in those of you who have
S4's to give me some feedback whether or not you would be interested in this
modification and what direction you feel this project should take.
Actually, feedback from anyone would be appreciated.