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Re: FS: 4 14" 88 80 Quattro Wheels

At 10:40 AM 8/24/95 -0400, Lou wrote:
>I have the four original 14", 5-bolt, 16 spoke quattro wheels from my 88 80
>Quattro for sale.  All are straight and clean (replaced with 15" Revolution
>wheels at about 30K miles)  Have been sitting in my garage since.
I thought the 80 Q had 4 bolt rims in '88. Tell me about your Revolutions.
Where did you get them and how much? 

I called racing wheel services in Penn. last week to inquire about a set for
my 4000Q. They don't have any in stock, but can make them up custom for
about $230 per wheel. Bill, at rws, said if I bought 50 he would discount
the price considerably. (I should hope so) He did send me lots of info
including a neat picture of an Audi sport Q with the Revolution wheels.
Appearantly the BMW and Porsche clubs purchase a lot of these wheels from
rws. Motorsports had a photo of Paul Choinere's**sp? car with Revolution ads
on the side (tho the wheels on the car were fuchs).  The 15X7" wheels he
proposed are a rally style with full heat treating and can be deliverd at
about 16 lbs weight per wheel. My OZ wheels of same size are over 19 lbs. 

Anyone want to buy 50 wheels so I can tag along and get a discount? These
would be great for Q club events.

Heck, if I had a stronger wheel I might not bend so many or with my luck,
I'll get more expensive bends. :)


bbell@csn.net (Bruce Bell)