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Re: '87 5KCSTQ Idling Problem

Think you should go back to the idle screw....  The stabilizer valve opens on
a duty cycle, letting in more air to the intake not less.....  So after
cleaning, and it still idles high, chances are that the stabilizer is fine,
its prolly that the stabilizer even when at "full duty" close, there is too
much air getting into the intake manifold......  If you take the screw at the
t-body all the way out, you will see a rubber gasket and a pin valve type
closure.....  Audi presets the idle, puts some super goop on the threads of
the screw, and figgrs the stabilizer will control forever.....  Reality is,
that the screw tends to back out over time, esp if the rubber gasket becomes
degraded......  This lets too much air into the intake, and the stabilizer
can't "close duty" enough to compensate for the bypass......  So do a few
cleanings with the gunk or starter fluid, and try the valve again, it could
always use the maintenance, but my guess is still that the t-body screw is
starting to back out......  Good luck

87 5ktqRS2
87 5ktq stock