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Re: Schrappnel Knobben(tm) parts

I have the following people down for
wanting pressure regulators:

	Richard Funnell
	Steve Buchholz
	Bob D'Amato
	and Hans-Joachim Tannenberger

I have purchased the regulators,
but am holding shipping to find threaded
barb fittings.  It's as easy for me to
buy 10 as 2, so you will all get those
as well, for probably 83 cents each.
The regulators did not come with the nut
to fasten it to a panel.  It requires a
1 3/16th with 16 tpi nut.  Haven't found
any of those yet.  Some of this may have
to be shipped in, so it's not going out 
this week.

Paul T-